Join us and understand people better with my explorations of what people do, and why and how they do it. Benefit from my passionate curiosity about people. Comment with your own observations – I’m curious about what you think, too!

What you’ll find here

I kept this blog from 11 June 2013 to 18 July 2015, posting 486 observations of people I saw. My posts are quick to read, usually no more than 250 words, or less than two minutes of your time.




What others said

“I appreciate so much how Louise mixes an artist’s awareness of factually observing what is present and real with a genuine sense of compassion. And a touch of social justice and liberal politics.” – Mari Geasair, small-business coach, actor, and director, Fruitionary

The Photographers 2“I always look forward to Louise’s posts about everyday things that we usually take for granted. Louise has the ability to see those things in a different way and, through her words, make us think about their relevance to us, and laugh a little along the way.” – Dan, 74, retired schoolteacher and theatre technician, active chorus singer and community activist

“I love that she writes without judgement and manages to share the intimate passing thoughts and experiences of her life so beautifully.” – Kerry Christianson, 46, Executive Assistant/Theatrical Director & Choreographer

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